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This earth functions within the framework of cosmic law. As we prepare to graduate from earth school we begin to comprehend the cosmic laws that govern this universe. A few short lifetimes ago we didn't even know that any such laws existed. But now as we become familiar with these creative principles, we can apply them to create the reality that we desire.

Cosmic law contains no personal bias. The universe does not know or care who is using creative principle for their benefit or who is using it destructively. As an analogy, it allows nuclear power to be used to generate electricity for the benefit of mankind, or it can be used to destroy mankind. The principle of atomic fission is impartial. It is the intent and level of understanding of the minds that use the power of the atom that makes the difference. But the power of the mind which possesses understanding is much greater than the power of the atom. It can raise the dead, walk on water, and exist in a universe where all the pressure is off.

I speak of cosmic law as principle, not to make it seem to be devoid of love and compassion, but because, as we will see later, true love and compassion are based on unshakable principle themselves.

The Universe and its rules must be seen as impersonal principle if we are to become self empowered beings and if we are to avoid being in a co-dependent relationship with God. If God is principle rather than personality, then it is useless to ask God to grant us favors. Personalities grant or withhold favors based on personal judgments of worth. Principle can't do that. When we pray to the archetype of creative principle for help, it cannot grant us "gifts" or "healings". But it can reveal itself to us, and leave the decision of how to use the creative power which has always been available to all beings, to us.

Remember the law of gravity. When you jump out of the window, you will go down. On the way out you might remember about gravity, but the earth will not care one way or the other. Gravity is impersonal so it will not say, "She is a pretty good person so maybe we should let her down easy."

The Causal Plane

We want to remember that the rules here are quite simple. When this earth was established as a school, it was determined that reality would be controlled from the causal plane. Those who have studied esoteric teachings know about these other planes of existence. They also include the physical, mental, emotional and astral planes. The causal plane sits just above the mental and emotional planes. Because of this alignment, when you combine thought with emotion, you get outpicturing (manifestation) in the physical dimension. This is exactly the same process that Dale Carnegie and other sales motivation trainers have been teaching for years. Any individual who has tried it knows that it works. When you hold a vision in mind of what you desire and put some emotional energy behind it, it will manifest in your reality.

If we examine this creation process from a spiritual point of view, we have the essence of the ancient mystery school teachings. You now know as much as any seeker or occult organization has ever known. Thoughts held in mind outpicture! That is the way that this system works. Although we have all heard the rules before, we tend to forget to apply them consciously.

Resist Not Evil

We may believe the master teachers did not understand how complex our lives are, but based on the evidence from their lives, it is possible that their methods are the only methods that will fix every problem our earth has. It is important to notice what the masters didn't say, as well as what they did say. They didn't tell us to get a college degree if we want enlightenment. They didn't say to line up an army so we can overpower whatever threatens us. They didn't say to round up followers to support our cause. They said "pray ye one for another". We insist that is too simplistic. "You just don't understand my husband. Prayer won't do it - - I've got to have a sledgehammer!" What did Jesus say? He told us to turn the other cheek. "Yes but if I turn the other cheek now the whole planet will be wiped out." "There comes a time when you have to take a stand like a man, right? John Wayne all the way!" But, in truth, that is not the way. Jesus said to resist not evil. Many of us, because we are good people who have learned to be compassionate, have spent our lives resisting wrongs.

Let me ask you to make an assumption for a moment. If it is true that reality is created by thoughts held in mind and emotions held in the body, what is created by being anti-war?

I have several friends who are anti-nuke. One of them is so good at his anti-nuke campaign that he has collected posters of children with radiation burns and their skin falling off. The pictures are so graphic that no one could look at them without fulfilling every requirement for manifestation. What he helps to create is another child with radiation sickness. If someone is anti-murder because they believe that to be the most horrible of crimes, they are holding a mental image in mind backed by their emotional outrage. You can see what that creates - - one more murder on the planet because that is the law of the creation. Simply stated, whatever we are anti, we create. Just as the law of gravity is unbiased, so is the law of creation.

How to Create the Garden of Eden

The universe does not distinguish between the desires and the fears that we hold in mind. We must understand that to be wayshowers on the earth. If we wish a garden of Eden, or if we wish all men to be free, how do we attain the power to create these things?

The tenth graders have put their faith in the intellect and they attempt to create through the process of debate. They create a lot of excitement and a few good wars. Eleventh graders are anti everything harmful. In one sense that group of individuals is the most powerful creator of harm on the planet. The twelfth grade is the first time that it really sinks in that thoughts held in mind outpicture. At this level people begin to see everything from the Christ perspective and there is, therefore, a shift in their compassion and their understanding. Here is where folks begin to see that they are not victims, that they can create or recreate or heal anything.

If we wish the earth to be green, should we be anti-brown earth? Not one bit. The average mind cannot comprehend the difference here. But those who are beginning to put the spiritual two and two together can see the cause-effect relationship. It is easy to see the difference between those who are effective in creating the garden of Eden and those who dedicate themselves to their causes without making much progress for mankind. It will be amazingly powerful as the environmentalists shift from being anti-pollution to being in favor of clean everything. The mind is a more powerful creator of physical reality than any creative cause that resides in the physical plane.

The power that we have to create on the earth is phenomenal. There have been some incredible advancements in the understanding of the laws of this plane, including bumper stickers that now say "Visualize Peace." When we can shift from being anti the negative to being pro the positive, we become a true savior of the planet. Nit picking you say? It is the crux of understanding cause and effect. Stopping war creates hell. Visualizing peace creates heaven.

Consciousness Creates Reality

Always go directly to what you want to create. You are one five-billionth of the creative force on the planet and whatever the five billion hold in mind is the outpicturing on the planet. Why are dictatorships falling? Why are people putting glass bottles in one sack and aluminum cans in another? Why did the Berlin Wall come down? Are these events occurring because the intellectuals debated everyone into it? Definitely not. Meditation has done more to heal this earth than all of the intellectuals and those who function from blind compassion put together.

Meditation is dwelling on the causal plane. Isn't it interesting that all of the gurus have taught their students to relax the body. "Let's do some deep breathing here and a little yoga to get the physical plane out of the way." They did not say "Let's get excited and go do it!" They said "Relax - peace - be still. Let thine eye be single fixed on God." Now hold in mind what you desire your earth to be. Visualize what you do want, not what you are against. Cosmic law is unbiased and it does not care what you visualize. It will never say "Well that was a bad thought so I don't think I'll manifest it."

When we can get several million people to participate in a world healing meditation on December thirty-first, that is when the Berlin Wall crumbles. No one has found another reason as to why it came down. Peter Jennings has never told us on the six o'clock news why it happened and it was certainly not our government that brought it down, nor was it any army or economic sanction. It came down purely because of a shift in consciousness.

Did the millions of meditators know what they were doing? Did they comprehend the power of the mind to create? Hardly at all. They had no idea of the synergistic effects of their combined thoughts. But it felt good. They gathered and they prayed. They have ensured that peace will reign on this earth and that harmony is here to stay. For the rest of the year they may go about trying to fix things that are wrong, but it will not matter, because for one day, they all pulled in the same direction and it shifted the energy of the earth. It has inched its way towards peace.

How many individuals does it take to create transition on the earth? How much of your day do you have to spend visualizing to create world peace and clean air? The master teachers said that if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed - - one percent of the time will do it. The random thoughts of the world's population do little harm to us or our planet. If we have five billion individuals engaged in random thought - - one half thinking this and the other half thinking that - - half saying do it my way and everyone will be saved - - the other half saying no, do it my way - - which way are they pulling? We have everyone going in different directions and nothing moves. But if you add to the five billion people all pulling in different directions a handful of entities who are willing to work in harmony and hold a directed thought in mind to pull in the same direction, before they know it the whole crowd has been drawn across the river. That is cosmic law.

We always must seek for the cause of all change within the realm of consciousness. We would prefer for the cause of change to be something tangible and dramatic that could be put on national television so we could tell everyone what to do to save the planet. It will not work that way because our belief systems create our reality.

Behavior Is Not Creative

One of the things that we are going to come to understand is that behavior is irrelevant. Our greatest programming from the moment that we are born on this planet revolves around behavior. Our guilt exists because authority figures told us our behavior had harmed other people. We had our hands slapped when we did something wrong. When we were old enough to understand language, the first word we learned was "no." "Don't do this, don't do that - - don't, don't, don't!" and yet no master teacher has ever said that our behavior made a bit of difference. They comprehended that doing is not the creative force on this planet.

Even after we know about using consciousness to create our realities, we occasionally get desperate because we cannot see how our thoughts are outpicturing, how they are bringing about the changes we desire. So out of frustration we fall back into doing. That way of creating has always failed to create permanent happiness and it will always fail.

We have been trained that the five senses give us the only true picture of reality so it is easy for us to see a building under construction and believe that "creation" is under way. If that were true, Jesus would have had to "construct" the water as solid before he walked on it. Consciousness is the reality on this plane. Doing is the natural result that follows.

There has never been a building built that was not first a thought in some architect's mind. Jesus never built a bridge and Sai Baba never stopped a war, but they are creating transition on the planet. We always want to come back to creating in the way the great spiritual teachers have taught.

Now don't hear me say that doing is bad or irrelevant. Doing is required on this planet. Doing is our nature. Doing is a part of our exploring, our playfulness, our dance of life. But doing is not cause. We need the wisdom to be able to distinguish cause from effect. We need to know how to create our universe through consciousness so we can dance through our doing.

"Trust" - The Most Feared Word In The Metaphysical Movement

Those of us who have studied the process of affirmations and denials that Unity, Science of Mind, Christian Science and some motivational groups offer, understand that because our belief system creates reality the only thing that ever needs altering is that belief system. If we see an error in the world, it is our beliefs that need fixing and not the error. I love to read Emmet Fox because he speaks very clearly about that process. He even stated in one of his works that our belief system is so powerful that if we believe a ten dollar bill is truly ours, we could put it down at Forty-second Street and Broadway in New York City and return in two weeks to find it there.

I decided that I would learn this lesson for myself. One thing that had always troubled me was the energy required to protect property and the concept of locks and keys. I decided to try Emmet Fox's theory. I declared that I would stop locking my car because it was mine and therefore no one else could take it. Well, in a very short time my car was stolen. The universe was going to help me learn this lesson. Since I had already made the decision to live consciously, I did not become angry or upset when I discovered that my car was missing. Instead I sat down quietly and tried to figure out what had gone wrong by asking myself what I had been thinking and creating. I soon realized that I had become a bit egotistical in my declaration of not needing to lock my property. I must have told six different people that my property was protected by God, all of whom I now had to face. I needed to borrow the telephone of one of them to call the police. Within a few hours of figuring out where I had gone wrong, the police telephoned to say that my car had been found and it was returned to me.

A few evenings later, I came home from work close to midnight. Just as I was pulling into my driveway I had a flat tire. I was so tired that I decided to wait until morning to change the tire but as I got up the next day I discovered that the car was again missing. When I had returned home the evening before, the gas gauge was on empty. So the car thieves had run out of gas a few blocks from my home where the police found the car. But in order for them to steal it, they had to change the tire for me! The car was stolen three times in all before I had uncovered the errors in my belief system, but each time it was returned to me in as good or better condition than before it was taken.

Spiritual Honesty

As we increase our awareness we develop a sort of spiritual honesty. We become willing to acknowledge that we have been creating some blocks in our awareness that have prevented us from attaining all that we desire.

There is a significant difference between spiritual honesty, which says I have inadvertently created some things I don't want, and the world's form of honesty. The authority figures believe in mistakes. Their version of honesty is, "get real, you blew it." They try to impose guilt as punishment for mistakes. The true spiritual seeker is willing to see the big picture. He is willing to believe that he has never made a mistake, that all past beliefs and experiences are the foundation on which he builds cosmic consciousness.

We have to go through a learning process to discover how to create joy for ourselves, instead of having some guru hand it to us. Spiritual honesty is simply acknowledging that it is a process. It is growth. Growth entails removing what no longer works and replacing it with what does work. No guilt, we're just cleaning house.

Ann Landers credited her readers (the Rubinows) with this gem, "Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment." Obviously nothing in life is an error. It is all there to teach us wisdom.


Prayer is an essential part of any path to awakening. To return to our natural state of godness we must function as if we are already back in our natural state. Telepathic communication and an unbreakable connection with the infinite are characteristics of the natural state of being. Therefore every master teacher has taught their students to take advantage of these characteristics. If one talks telepathically to spirit, he has acknowledged he does believe in oneness.

"Ask and you shall receive", Jesus said. It's true, but it isn't possible for the universe to hand out favors because we create our realities and all they contain. Prayer is always answered but it is answered in a way that won't violate our present belief system, even if that is a belief in personal limitation or lack. It is answered in a way that will show us how to change our belief in limitation or lack.

When we say "Oh God, I'm broke! Please send money!", bills and more debt are likely to show up. The universe is saying, "We are not responsible for you not having any money. We cannot give you anything because we have never withheld anything from you. But because you have asked and because thoughts held in mind outpicture, we are going to show you exactly which thoughts you have been holding that have created your poverty."

Releasing Thoughts That Create What We Don't Want

Each person is an infinitely powerful creator. That person is the only one who has created his apparent lack, so here is a stack of unexpected bills. Why did they show up when we asked the universe for prosperity and abundance? It is our mental and emotional reaction to having the bills come that created the poverty in the first place. The universe is simply saying, "Look at this! These bills are not an accident - - they are the answer to your prayers!" When we go to the mailbox and find bills, we need to watch our reaction very carefully. We used to blame other people or the economy for our plight, but now we want to take one hundred percent responsibility for our lives. We understand that we create our own reality. Instead of affirming "Oh God, there is never enough money", it would be very wise to affirm "Thank you God for my prosperity. I am in the flow and everything is love." When we recognize bills as opportunities to release negative energy and we give thanks for the understanding they bring, then we will have broken an old pattern. A Course in Miracles says "everything is for your own best interests".

For most people it takes some time to break these old patterns. It may take months of bills to get to the place where we can walk to the mailbox and honestly say "Oh thank you! This is great!" We will probably even have to begin by faking it, but in a very brief period of time it will become real. A philosopher once said "To become, act as if." As we refuse to hold negative energy about the lack of money, changes will start showing up. Slowly we become aware of the cause-effect relationship between thoughts and manifestation. Then one day quite "by chance", prosperity will come flowing into our life. We get a raise or win the sweepstakes or Aunt Matilda dies and leaves us a small fortune. Our reaction may be "Well God didn't answer my prayers -- that was Aunt Matilda. You know this stuff doesn't really work anyway." We should notice who we believe our benefactor is. Sometimes we forget that it is God.

Beliefs Create Good/Bad Relationships

If we have an emotional attachment to something, we will draw it into our life. It is true for our bills and it is true for our relationships. When we say "I have never had a relationship that worked - - God please bring me a good one", do you know who is going to show up? The stereotype of the error that we always select will show up. Now we can look at this person and decide to choose again. Here comes unfaithful number fifty-one who is exactly like untrustworthy number fifty and number forty-nine and number forty-eight. The universe is asking us to look at who we are selecting every time. We can change our priorities and say, "I'm sorry, but I don't care to choose you again. I chose to have a relationship with someone like you last Thursday, last month, last year and last lifetime and I will not choose someone like you again. I deserve someone who can hear me, someone who works with me and someone who fits in my life."

Therapy, or honest self observation, may reveal to us, perhaps, that we have a pattern of selecting partners who are just like our mother or our father. The value in knowing something like that is not in seeing that we are victims of our upbringing, rather it is in seeing that we have a choice to choose differently. When we pray for help, the universe is going to show us where we have been making errors in our choices. Then when we begin to make conscious choices, the right person will miraculously appear.

Nothing that we have ever asked for has manifested in our life. What does show up is something that gives us the opportunity for understanding how we personally have been creating the thing that we did not want. We can change our priorities in order to create what we desire. Every instant in every life is truly a divine moment because it gives us the opportunity to erase a pattern that has produced things which we have not enjoyed. Begin to look for the relationship between cause and effect in everything.

Keeping a written chart will point out what we have prayed for and what happened. We should watch vigilantly for twenty-four hours after we send a request to the universe. We can no longer afford to look at life as random or accidental. Immediately following every conversation that we have with God a series of signs will appear in our life. Most of these signs will resemble ordinary events, so it is easy to dismiss them as unimportant. However, it is our ordinary habit thought patterns which have been creating our day to day reality. Therefore it is these very patterns that the universe must make us aware of if we are to create the answer to our own prayer. We must choose to see that every coincidence in life is a message directly from the universe.

Talk To God As An Equal

If we feel timid or undeserving when we communicate with the universe that will cause the universe's response to be one which could be accepted by an undeserving person. A little assertiveness is appropriate when talking to God. Remember that God is not an ego which can be offended. God is principle. God is unwavering cosmic law. When you decide to pray for something, tell God how long she has to answer your prayer. Tell her that you want to know within three days time why you do not have this or that in your life. Then watch very carefully for those three days.

If your friend is in a coma in the hospital and you are feeling very uncomfortable with the uncertainty of his predicament, ask for a sign. "Is my uncle going to get well or is he going to move on? You have twenty-four hours to let me know." If you then miss the sign, do not blame the universe. Cosmic law states that if you ask, the sign will be there. Demand feedback from the universe and do not walk around in the dark for one more instant. It is every child of the universe's birthright to have a talking relationship with God all day every day. Be willing to say that you want synchronicity and coincidence and strange things happening in your life. Declare unto the universe, "I don't want to go through a single day without something totally weird happening to me that tells me there are no accidents."

In my own prayers I add that I want to learn without pain or struggle. Some people think that is cheating, but I don't. Learning without struggle works because we make the rules for our life.

Observing Our Creative Process

What have our thoughts been for the last twenty-four hours? Is it any wonder that our life is the way that it is? We must make a choice to focus our attention away from our problems, dilemmas, dramas, what so and so did to us and how bad it all is, and refocus on what we desire to experience instead. Thoughts held in mind outpicture. It cannot get any easier than that.

We hesitate to believe that we can create our life exactly as we would like it to be because we fear that we might create the wrong thing. That is logical. We have created discomfort and struggle thousands of times and we are gun-shy. In the past, however, when we tried to fix our lives we didn't possess a knowledge of how "earth school" worked or of the cosmic laws which govern creation. We were usually trying to change people or situations "out there". Now we know that kind of approach is destined to create discomfort sooner or later. As we learn that the only way to change the "out there" is by becoming cognizant of what has been going on in our minds and hearts, we begin to experiment with the power of creation. We know that absolutely no situation is unchangeable. Nothing in this universe is carved in stone. "Change your mind and you change the world" is cosmic law. This system is perfect. It is governed by love, and we are allowed an infinite number of revisions to our lives. The source of miracles is a changed mind. Bernie Siegel points out that there is no disease, whether it be AIDS or the most vicious form of cancer, from which people haven't recovered.

Techniques For Creation

How do we discover what we want our lives to contain? It is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Most of us have been fairly sure that we knew what we wanted only to find out that we were merely repeating a pattern that didn't work the last time either. How many people have had to have a certain person in their life only to almost immediately begin the long and arduous process of getting rid of them?

I recommend that everyone engage in the "yellow pad exercise." Get a legal size yellow pad and a bold black pen. Make sure it is a bold pen. We don't want any timidness to creep into our creation. Write down everything that you love, enjoy, like, desire, admire or otherwise have warm and positive feelings about. Leave nothing off of your list. If you haven't filled at least twenty five pages you haven't been really trying.

It is not easy to create a truthful list which has integrity. We have all been programmed by society that we shouldn't want too much. There is a tendency to weed out the less "valid" items somewhere between the thought and the paper. Remember - no weeding allowed!

Another difficulty in creating an honest list is the tendency to include the things that "ought" to be there. Ought to's and should's are your mother's or father's contribution to your mind's data bank, not yours. Remember - no ought to's!

Evaluate every item as it goes on your pad. Is this my desire? If I could have anything I want, would this be on my list? Is this something that all persons of my gender were taught that they should want or is it really my own desire?

What kinds of things are appropriate for this kind of list? You make the rules. Your decide. Things pertaining to your personal environment, where you want to live, what you like to do, how you like to spend your time, how you like to be treated, etc., etc., etc., etc. Do you remember the popular song a few years ago that was sung by Tom T. Hall, I Love?

Here is just a tiny portion of my own list. I love windows to look out of, grass between my toes, beer in a frosty mug, and butterflies. I love to talk to people about far out things, Field of Dreams, driving in the desert by myself, and angle food cake. I love to listen to talks about the "new physics", living the simple life, girls, and Mexican food. I love the freedom that money represents, meditation, silence, and my wife. I love to fly airplanes, flowers, the respect of others, unlimited vision, and life. I love harmony, laughter, elegant dinners, and watching my planet heal. I love looking in the eyes of another human being when they "get it". I love hugs, doing life slowly, rivers, and mountains. I love peace of mind, the feel of velvet, making love, computers, and you.

Your list has two functions. The first is to help you make choices in your life. Look your list over carefully and you will learn a great deal about your self. Does your present job contain many or few of the things on your list? Does your present relationship reinforce and encompass the items and personal characteristics on your list? What kind of job or relationship could you imagine yourself getting into that would contain a majority of the items on your list?

The second function of your yellow pad is to help you invoke cosmic law on your own behalf. That which you hold in mind outpictures. Put your list on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator door (or Xerox it and put it in several places). The more often you remind yourself of what you love, the faster that will become the only experience in your life!

Sometimes when people discover that the positive use of thought really works, they think that they have to create everything good in their lives. "Well gosh, I have to create a good liver today", so they sit down and send light to the liver. It will work of course, but tomorrow there will be the stomach and after that it will be pancreas day. It is mentally exhausting to keep the body in shape one organ at a time. And then there is the area of prosperity. "Oh dear, I have to make enough money for the house and the car and the food and I can't forget to do my treasure mapping and visualize the money flowing in..." It would be utterly exhausting!

Why not realize that the universe is on your side! The Father knows what things you have need of before you even ask. It is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It is not up to you to earn it or create it alone. Just do it the way that Jesus suggested. "Let thine eye be single fixed on God" and the universe will do the rest. In this statement, the word "God" means Good, your "I love" list.

At some point you may desire to go through the process of creating a specific thing, situation or healing to prove to yourself that consciousness does create reality. For most people this is an essential step. At some point or another you may want to manifest the new car by visualizing it and feeling it as yours. Then when it comes about you will have absolute proof that the law of creation works. But do you want to do that with every teaspoon and Hershey bar and piece of furniture that you desire? That would be so much stuff to create and it would get very boring. Its more fun just to get on a roll, get in the flow of life.

Removing Personal Blocks

Self improvement is big business these days. Large numbers of people in our world are aware that they have some control over their self image and their standard of living. This is great. A few hundred years ago, before the Aquarian energy was having an effect, these subjects were almost non-existent. The evolvement of group consciousness seems to have speeded up as we move into the Aquarian Age.

Those persons who are the "pattern makers" for the advances in awareness that the human race is making, must stay ahead of the planetary group. The group is trying to grasp the idea that they could have some - any - control over their lives. They have been trained that control of their lives belongs to the economy, politicians, jobs, family members and their environment. In helping the group to become aware that their blocks are internal, the popular psychology teaches them to locate blocks and to work through the blocks. This is very effective for tenth and eleventh graders, the most evolved of the group. Twelfth graders and drop-ins, on the other hand, want nothing to do with working their way through blocks. Working our way through blocks bears great resemblance to paying karmic debts, an effective but painfully slow way to approach enlightenment. Working our way through our blocks was not a technique advocated by any master teacher.

A Course in Miracles says that all analysis is of the ego. That means it is an attempt at correction made by the part of us which believes itself to be separate from God. Separate thinking can't find oneness.

Once we have acknowledged that a block exists, we can apply all of the wonderful Eastern teachings of detachment and surrender. This tells the universe that we accept their help in clearing it.

Let's not try to "fix" ourselves. That is the old way and it will create considerable pain and take a lot of time. Our only responsibility is to identify our problems as specifically as possible. "I fear this bill collector. I'm not sure why or where it came from but I fear it." Then turn to the universe for help. Pray for an answer and be observant. Watch for the universe's reply. Feeling responsible for finding our own answers creates delay and discomfort. The universe is friendly. We are not alone or separate from spirit. It is not our job to solve our problems. A Course in Miracles says that all correction belongs to Holy Spirit. This doesn't just mean that the responsibility for fixing Uncle Harry's drinking problem belongs to Holy Spirit. It means that the correction of our blocks and phobias is Holy Spirit's job. Our job is to be vigilant, to watch for signs, to listen for God's voice.

Now I know that those of you who have counseling backgrounds are saying to yourself that this is naive and simplistic. And in a sense it is. After an individual has acknowledged a fear or a block, it is not necessarily all peaches and cream from there on out. The block still has to be "processed". However, there is an easy way and a hard way for the processing to take place.

When we believe that we can work our way through a block by relying on our intellects and our earthly training, we are surely on an ego trip. The most effective counselors work very intuitively, not just by the book. We have no idea where a block comes from or what creates fear (except in an absolute sense we know that all fear comes from a belief that we are separate from God). We can look in this life for authority figures who were "wrong" or for abuse that was "unjust" but the representatives of the wrong or unjust are merely symbols of past life dramas, all of which are inaccessible to us in our normal state of awareness (not to mention that the dramas were illusions.)

Obviously we don't tell someone who is hurting that it is all an illusion. But our approach as a psychologically oriented generation has been to allow ourselves to be persuaded that we possessed "real knowledge." And therefore we were authorized or even credentialed to heal (repair) each other. The truth in an absolute sense is that nothing is broken so nothing is in need of repair. It is in need of acceptance. We are in need of accepting each other and ourselves as children of God, as the Christ.

As an example, there are many books, and even a couple of stories on TV which deal with persons having mysterious pain or illness. When these persons were hypnotically regressed to a past life situation where the source of the pain was discovered, the problem went away. The hypnotist did not judge the patient nor did he offer suggestions as to how to deal with the problem medically or otherwise. He just listened. A healing occurred. When we find a way to get fear out in the open, no matter how many lifetimes it has been within us, it vanishes. Fear is not a tangible reality in God's universe. Fear is a false belief. We don't deny that it seems real to the person involved, but remember that our own fear seemed real when we thought Arnold Swartzenegger was going to die in the movie.

The truth is that we don't know anything. There is no objective reality. These statements are hard to swallow for those who have acquired their self worth from recognizing their intellects. But the intellect supplies us with smarts, not wisdom.

Wisdom is awakened in us when we recognize the truth in the teaching of the masters. To enter the kingdom we must become as little children. Resist not evil. "In my Father's kingdom are many mansions that you know not of." Let us continually ask to be shown the truth instead of justifying our positions or defending our "knowledge."

When an individual honestly acknowledges a block or a fear and then turns it over to the universe, the same process takes over as took over when that person prayed for prosperity. The universe does possess the knowledge of where the block came from. The universe does know the most expedient way to dispel the error in the belief system which created the block in the first place. If we will keep our intellects and rationalizations out of the way, the universe will use the many tools at its disposal to enlighten us, to return us to a state of inner peace. Merely "by accident" someone, even a stranger, may say something that triggers great understanding in us. By some weird "coincidence" we may happen to acquire a copy of a book which causes a great light to dawn on us. "Accident" and "coincidence" are powerful tools that the universe uses. They are much more expedient than human methods. "Accident" and "coincidence" are just other names for Holy Spirit.

What Should I Create?

The time delay between forming a thought and the manifestation of what the thought represents is dramatically reduced right now, as we approach the Aquarian energy. It is still long enough, however, that we have to look carefully for the connection between cause and effect. Some people walk around half of the day thinking yellow, yellow, yellow and the other half of the day thinking blue, blue, I want blue. When life brings them green they say, "I didn't ask for this! I didn't ask for green in my life!" But if they go back to do a quick review they will remember that they did ask for yellow and blue. We need to understand how things fit together on this plane of reality.

Maybe we would be quite wise to give power of attorney to that energy that can see the future and our own contract with the earth. It is a smart thing to ask that energy to create for us. But it cannot step into our lives unless we ask because "Ask and you shall receive" is a statement of cosmic law. It is written down in the Bible almost as a parenthetical statement. In actuality, it is the way that the universe functions. We are each omnipotent and therefore we cannot receive a single thing for which we do not ask.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a bind because we do not know what to ask for. How could we know what to ask for since we are unaware of what condition the world is going to be in tomorrow. We cannot do any better than to walk into walls when we are blind to that which we will need tomorrow. At one point in our development mankind is taught to turn it over to spirit by saying "Thy will be done." The purpose of that statement is to get us out of ego.

Functioning from the ego is never what we want when we are trying to release blocks. Ego is that aspect of our awareness that believes itself to be separate from God. It will always lead us astray. It is not a matter of being right or wrong or good or bad, but simply that the ego functions from incomplete information. The ego can only take in information through the five senses and it tries to make a decision based upon the knowledge at hand. It draws upon what is published in the newspapers and books and our past experiences, which is always less than one tenth of one percent of the information that exists. It is a really silly way to try to make a decision - - believing that we are separate and therefore have to gather information and act upon it. So a teaching tool to get people to move up one level from making decisions based upon sensory input was to say "Thy will be done." That acknowledged that there is a universal energy or intelligence that has access to a larger databank than our egos.

Every master teacher that has come to the earth has told us to give power of attorney to something with a greater vision than our own until we have reached the state where we have that vision also and can take conscious control of our lives. We are not acting alone. We are part of a team that works with all of the unseen kingdoms and realms that exist in this universe. That team is sometimes called Holy Spirit, or the whole of spirit.

How many times have we demonstrated that we did not have to know the answer to our questions? We merely had to say "Spirit I want this. I am ready for that change." When it appeared in our life we knew that we were working with cosmic law instead of ego manipulation. We will often not know what we desire in a specific sense, but we do know that we want peace, happiness, prosperity and excitement. Ask for these things in a general sense and leave the details up to God!

Communicating With "Spirit"

Communicating by means of "channeling" or the psychic senses is possible and even normal. If a loved one has died and you desire to speak with them, by all means sit down, relax, and use your inner senses to have a meaningful communication. A personal, one on one, confirmation of life after death is a very valuable experience. But let me say a word of caution here. There is a difference between communicating with Holy Spirit and "talking to the spirits." Sometimes when folks discover techniques that allow them to communicate with the unseen realms in verbal or written forms, they like to believe that they are in contact with "God", the big "G". Please remember that not everyone who is dead is wise. If they were a klutz in body, it is guaranteed that they are a klutz after they die. We do not change our level of understanding or spirituality or wisdom by crossing over to the other side.

Unseen people who hang around this planet are exactly who they were when they were incarnate with the exception that they function from fourth dimensional reality and can therefore see some of the past and future. Hopefully if we seek verbal communication with spirit, and verbal communication is certainly not required, we will tune into someone who functions from a fifth, sixth or seventh dimensional reality where the ego is less concrete and the natural state of being is to perceive the past, present and future in the same instant. These folks on the higher dimensions are not "divine" -- time simply is not linear there, it goes with the territory.

Often times we are tricked because words can come into our heads or through our pens or Ouija boards and tell us about tomorrow and we think "Oh, this must be God!" It is not God, it is someone who doesn't live in a body any more. When you "die" you will be able to do it too. The wise person will sense and communicate telepathically with any unseen energy to see if it is someone that they would like to listen to or not. If someone in human form is trying to give us advice, we can size them up very quickly. We can talk to somebody for five minutes and know whether we want to say "Get out of here!" or "What? Tell me more!" It is exactly the same process when we are communicating with entities on the other side of the veil. If they seem rather wise and they talk the way that we think, then we may want to pay attention and get a few hints.

Giving power of attorney does not mean relinquishing our free will to voices or words. Holy Spirit speaks through feelings, signs, and coincidence. Holy Spirit always feels peaceful, like the pressure was just taken off. Any communication that we receive which has any complexity to it whatsoever is of an ego. Perhaps a very good ego, but an ego still. Any message we get from spirit which contains a list of things to be done, is a message from an ego, maybe from an old playmate, but it is not a message from "God." God has no lists. God is being, not doing. Any message we get from spirit which says to hurry or "time is running out" is of an ego. God functions outside the realm of time and space. God reorganizes time and space at his will. It is never too late for a good miracle. Hurry is not peaceful. God's voice is always calm.

After we develop trust in our helpers on the other side we hear ourselves saying things like "I have no idea how that happened, but the right person, the right car, the right job and the right event showed up at precisely the right time." We are entitled to walk around in pure bliss without the foggiest notion of why life is working. Our job is to stay out of the way and leave the details up to that energy that has a higher vision. Every time we take control of the details we will create one hell of a mess.

There are an infinite number of solutions to every dilemma. We can continue to call upon the best solution without regard to how it is going to manifest, where it is going to come from or even if it is possible. It always amazes me how people think that they have to ask for help in a certain way. Some believe that they must be in a particular place with candles and a cross or other paraphernalia. They forget that the universe is one hundred percent nonverbal communication and can only read our intent. It cannot hear our words or see our actions - - it simply reads our mind.

If you are now ready to ask for help in guiding your life from the unseen realms, I will share with you the most powerful prayer in the universe. I have checked with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and have their permission to not only share this prayer, but to state that its power exceeds that of the Lord's Prayer. This is the most effective prayer that has ever been heard in the universe and it is the one which cannot be denied by any energy in the cosmos. It is the one that rallies all of the kingdoms to your aid invariably, without exception. Are you ready for this prayer? "HELP!!!"

When you understand the simple rules that control this plane of reality, you will become infinitely powerful. Then you can create reality according to your own terms. We must all learn to do that because we have made a contract with the earth as a group. Our contract states that there will be ten million self-realized entities on this earth within the next fifty years so that the combined telepathic energy of those ten million would so penetrate this plane of existence and every mind in it, that everyone who chooses to stay for the Aquarian Age will graduate before the next age rolls around. We do not want any stragglers!

If you choose to become self-empowered and see the Christ within yourself in this lifetime, you will have ensured that hundreds of millions of individuals who stay on the earth to do their schooling can graduate as well. That means that we have a lot of work to do. Fortunately we possess the power of all of the universes to create what we will as we will. Also, we have tremendous help at our disposal in the unseen worlds. Always picture the garden of Eden blooming and coming forth, never again to resist evil. Remember, we create that which we are against. Love, love, love and everything will be just fine.